This macro montage of hugo Chaves was created for the Havana photography exhibit "Trabajadores Canadienses - Cuban Workers" held in Cuba April 15, to May 15, 2015 This was one of the posters that advertised the Havana photography exhibit "Trabajadores Canadienses - Cuban Workers" held in Cuba April 15, to May 15, 2015
Toronto's Mayor and his brother hold their so-called family bar-be-que with their tory backers, a couple a time a year

This piece of montage art was commissioned by OPSEU, which celebrates the union 's first elected black president, for Black History month, 2009. The background is made up of images of OPSEU visible minority activists.
This montage was created to show that there was more than one 9/11. This one was the US inspired coup, that overthrew the democratically elected Allende Government, in Chile September 11, 1973.

This montage is a modified US, wartime YMCA poster. Created in 2007, it marks the UN End Discrimination Day, and supports the union movement taking up this very important struggle.

This is one of four posters that were commissioned in 2009, by UNITEHERE local 75, for there up coming fight against Toronto's major hotels in the Toronto area.
This montage was created early in 2004, and was first shown in the West Belfast Festival in August, 2004. This images is made up of photos taken from the Internet This is one of several montages that I created for a number of people who wanted to commemorate the election of the first black President of the USA. This images was created February 17, 2010.

This political satirical montage was created before the last economic crash, it was a comment on the Harper government's handling of the Canadian economy. This image was first published on the on-line magazine October, 2008

I created this montage from a movie still from the movie "Analysis This." It's Lord Conrad Black in jail, with a whole bunch of others who should be in jail with him. This image was first published on July 2007.
This is a cartoon montage of the dumping of the Liberals Green Shift policy, and starting the process of getting rid of their leader Dion. This images was published on in October 2008. This montage was created because of the Tories, with help from Liberal, and NDP MP's passed second reading of a bill to do away with the Long Gun Registry. This is a slap in face for women, particularly given that December 6, 2009, was the 20th anniversary of the massacre of women students at the Montreal Ecole Poly technique.

This montage is a play on "The Last Supper", called "Girls Night Out" and was created in September, 2005
This montage is the woman's symbol made-up of images of women activist's and leaders in the Union movement. It was created in April, 2004, and was shown in the West Belfast Festival, in August of the same year. This montage was commissioned by the Canadian Federation of Nurses Union, (CFNU) it is a montage within a montage. The image is made-up of tiny photos of over 600 images of nurses from all across Canada. It was printed on silk, and was unveiled at the 2007 CFNU Convention in Newfoundland, June, 2007.
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