Here is one of four new montages, along with one I created January, 2003, for Black History Month in Canada, that was shown in Belfast, as part of the Féile An Phobail Festival, July 30 to August 7, 2004.

The images are ones I have found on the Internet. They include Michael Collins, who helped mastermind fighting one of the world's greatest imperialist power to a stalemate.

Another is James Connolly, who was taken out in a wheelchair and shot by the Brits after this uprising in Dublin.

You can see one the main battlegrounds aftermath in the Dublin Post Office (GPO)

"Too Long in Exile"

This montage is this artist's idea of the last verse of the Belfast signer Van Morrison's song called "Too Long in Exile", whose photo is included in this collarge along with: Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Alex Higgins, and George Best.

For those who don't know who Alex Higgins, and George Best, are. Higgin's was a world snooker champion, and George Best is one of the greatest soccer players ever, who played for Manchester United, and Northern Ireland.

"The Crowning on Wayne Rooney"

This montage represents a parody of soccer (rest of the world it's called football) that has replaced religion as "the opium of the people". This montages includes over 50 players which I choose that represent some of the best in the world. This is modified painting of "the ascent of the Madonna"

Erickson the English coach called Rooney the best soccer player since Pele. Unfortunately most of us never got a chance to see Rooney play more than a few minutes against Portugal, and will have to wait to see how Rooney performs in the World Cup if the England team happens to make it there.

"Nelson Mandela"

This montage is a photo of Nelson Mandela made up of small photos of Mandela and images of the struggle against Apartheid

This montage was created last January for Black History Month in Canada, which is the month of February. It pays tribute to the fight against racism all over the World

"Fool's Gold"

Fool's Gold is a comment on the growing use of drugs in sports, particularly the Olympic Games which starts in a few weeks

I start with Canada's own Ben Johnson who was stripped of his Olympic gold medal in Seoul for using anabolic steroids. In recent times it's been reported that Carl Lewis, Johnson's rival and who was given his medal in 1988, also tested positive for banned drugs during his career.

More recently reports tell of the wide use of a new designer drug that is called THG. According to the BBC website "Tetrahydrogestrinone (THG) is a banned steroid which had been tweaked by chemists to make it undetectable by normal dope tests". It was developed by the Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative (BALCO), a company which makes nutritional supplements.

Among those who are said have used this drug are several American and European Track Stars.

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