At Christmas 2005, I create two cards, and sent them out to a limited amount of people, which were mainly familey. These are not the normal cards for the season, but they can be used for that occasion. They are peace cards, one is a re-jigged version of Picasso's "peace dove." The other is a face of a young male, and on his face is a peace sign and "no war." The cards are blank inside and can be used any-time.

Since then I have create "March 8" cards, five different images. Also, but a little late I created 5 "Black History Month cards". Which include: Angela Davis, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Rosemary Brown, and Coretta Scott King. These are high quality paper cards. These cards are sold in packs of 5 for $25 per set. These are hard crafted, and supplies are limited, although you can order them and they will be made and sent to you. Please allow at least two weeks for delivery

Above are the women, Peace, and Black History art cards; below are the 5 different "March 8" cards.

The new Live 8 "Make Poverty History" poster is made up of Photos from the 1985 show as well as the recent July 2, 2005 concerts. They also include photos of Bono and Geldof meeting with Paul Martin, Chirac, and GW Bush. Most of the "Che" montages are made up of small photos of different revolutionary leaders in Central and Latin America. The Stephen Lewis and The AIDs images are made up of ribbons and people suffering from HIV-AIDs

live.6 2005

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