Price Card for Photography
One Image $ 75.00
2 or more images $150.00
2hrs $275.00
4 hrs $375.00
1 day $570.00
Evening sessions $175 to $275.00
Web ready optimization $75.00
Same day images high-res $275.00 each
Photo panorama shot $150.00
While these are my prices for different types of photography, I am open to for negations depending what the organization or individual economic situation is. Some Organizations I will do pro-bono depending on the cause.

Please call or e-mail. Also be advised I don't shoot weddings or baby photographs.
The cost of my Art
8" x 12" Photo/Art $50.00
8" X 12" Photo/Art framed $100.00
12" x 20" Photo/Art $200.00
12" x 20' Photo/Art Framed $275.00
20" x 30' Photo/Art $300.00
20" x 30" Photo/Art Framed $375.00
24" x 39 Photo/Art $400.00
24" x 36" Photo/Art Framed $475.00
Personal Photomontage Art made to order (personal and family history) $750.00
Organizational Photomontage Art made to order ( group or local union history) $1750.00
Add $300.00 to $500.00 for scanning of photos depending on the Quanity and number of images involved.
Custom made montages will be negoiated depending on the work invloved. I will also work closely to ensure the correct image.
All montages and art requires a 25% to 33% non-refundable down payment
Specalising in personal and organizational historic montages, also creating and designing bookcovers and Art cards
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